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Shine on you Crazy Diamond L1026103Shine on you Crazy Diamond L1026109Shine on you Crazy Diamond L1026112Shine on you Crazy Diamond L1026122Shine on you Crazy Diamond L1026123Shine on you Crazy Diamond L1026126Shine on you Crazy Diamond L1026129Fat Old Sun L1026144Fat Old Sun - Guy Pratt L1026169On an Island L1026195On an Island - Chester Kamen L1026197Us and Them - David Gilmour L1026268Us and Them - Joao Mello L1026261Us and Them L1026259David Gilmour L1026212Guy Pratt with David Gilmour - Rattle that Lock Tour - Royal Albert Hall 2016David Gilmour L1026283Sorrow L1026316Run like Hell - L1026339Run like Hell - L1026344

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